Volante SRC SPORT Cuero

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  • 7-way joystick de alta calidad, con perilla de aluminio. (Rotary encoder con pulsador + 4 direcciones)
  • Levas magnéticas de aluminio macizo y fresado CNC, con paletas de fibra de carbono biselado.
    Exactamente las mismas levas que monta Silver-Car en su vehículo Silver CS de competición.

  • Extended Mode ™ integrado (36 inputs, sin necesidad de software extra).
  • Diseñamos y fabricamos nuestros volantes con la máxima robustez y durabilidad. Testados en circuito.
  • Máxima calidad en componentes. Panel de fibra de carbono con cable helicoidal USB, 8 pulsadores mecánicos con guardas de aluminio anodizado y 1 rotary encoder con pulsador de Leo Bodnar (CTS288V).
  • Conexiones electrónicas internas con PCB de diseño a medida. Firmware de desarrollo propio diseñado para evitar EMI’s.
  • Levas ajustables en anchura y paletas en profundidad.
  • Compatible con aros desde 300 mm a 350 mm de diámetro (con plantilla estándar de 70 mm en agujeros centrales).
  • Listo para conectar.
  • 3 años de garantía.
  • VRS DirectForce Pro usando su hub opcional o con nuestro Quick Release SRC.
  • Simucube 2 usando su Quick Release.
  • Fanatec usando el Podium Hub.
  • Moza, Simagic, Cammus y AccuForce usando sus respectivos quick releases oficiales: Moza, Simagic, Cammus, AccuForce, o los QR’s compatibles tipo “D1 Spec”, como por ejemplo: B-G, D1 Spec, etc..
  • Thrustmaster. Cualquier base que tenga el sistema de intercambio de volantes, usando este Adaptador.
  • OSW (Open Sim Wheel), Simucube 1 o cualquier base Direct Drive que utilice motores Mige 130ST, usando nuestro Quick Release SRC.
  • Leo Bodnar SimSteering, Ricmotech Mini-Mite, etc…
  • Para otros sistemas o en caso de cualquier duda, consúltanos.
  • Aro SPORT de cuero de 30 cm de diámetro y agarre ergonómico.
  • Cable alargador USB.
  • 4 tornillos M3 para modificar posición de las paletas de carbono.
  • 6 tornillos M5x60 mm. 6 tornillos M5x50 mm. 6 arandelas M5. 6 tuercas M5.
  • Bolsa de transporte.

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    10 valoraciones para Volante SRC SPORT Cuero

    1. 5 sobre 5


      Calidad indiscutible en el panel, da igual por donde lo mires, botones, levas, etc..

      Se nota que ponen mimo en los detalles, con un buen aro vas a disfrutar de lo lindo.

      Y cuando hablas con Carlos solo notas atención hacia tu persona. Totalmente recomendado viniendo de varios aros thrustmaster.

    2. 5 sobre 5


      Great wheel, feels great in the hands. Form is ergonomic as well. The buttons feel tactile and there are different coloured caps to switch them out. The shifters are amazing, very nice travel and a satisfying «click» to them.

      Had a confusing moment with the extended USB cable, but I contacted Carlos and he got back to me very quickly. After that, I plugged the USB in a different port and that fixed the issue.

      Best of all, great service! Really satisfied with the speed and completeness of all answers I received. Would definitely do business with SRC again.

    3. 5 sobre 5


      I purchased this button plate from Carlos after having issues with a well known “premium” manufacturer’s button plate. I was left without being able to use my rig for 3 months while the vendor and manufacturer tried to figure out who was responsible for processing an RMA.

      Carlos is a pleasant personality to deal with and clearly places a high value on customer service. In my experience, this aspect is what sets a company apart from another. You can have a fantastic product, but if communication and service is lacking, I would always choose to spend my money with a company that puts an emphasis on customer service.

      This is my first 3D printed case sim racing product (I believe this has a metal core). Coming from an aluminum plate, I can’t say I miss anything. This feels just as solid. The front panel, back panel and paddles are carbon and have a damped feel compared to the harder clicks of my last button plate, but the SRC feel is arguably better (and a bit quieter).

      The buttons feel great. The new funky switch is a nice addition. Carlos takes pride in the design and features of these button plates and firmware, some of which aren’t found in other products out there.

      I’d like to see a more supple premium USB coiled cable, but the one included is just fine. That is really the only thing I miss and it’s effectively a non-issue. Carlos does include a handy USB extension as well which should be appreciated by most users.

      For the price you’re getting what seems to be a great quality button plate, at 60% of the cost of some other manufacturers. Would not hesitate to recommend this product.

      Thanks a lot Carlos.

    4. 5 sobre 5


      Ordered my wheel on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, & it shipped that Friday. I had the wheel at my door, in the U.S, on Monday. The fit & finish are great & it just has an overall great feel when racing. 100% recommend SRC, couldn’t be happier with the purchase process, shipping time, & quality of the wheel

    5. 5 sobre 5


      This is a really nicely constructed button box and works great with the QSP vinyl wheel. The whole thing is very solid, the shifters have a great action and the buttons all feel good too. I\’ve been using it for a few months and it\’s been excellent. I also really like the ergonomics of the wheel, it\’s very comfortable to grip. I race without gloves and the vinyl has held up well.

    6. 5 sobre 5


      Hello, I bought the SRC panel for several days that to say, very good quality buttons, very good feeling of the encoders, good palettes a good finish on all the HUB.

      Really a very good product and I want to emphasize that the contact with Simracing Coach by email is very good and listens to the customer.

      Really thank you for the follow-up, SAV. It is VERY STRONG point. I really recommend Simracing Coach for your purchases and this HUB SRC panel.

    7. 5 sobre 5


      Wow! Was I ever pleasantly surprised!

      I ordered two Panels of Buttons on a Monday. I received them that Thursday, four days later, in the US!

      Upon opening the well packaged box, I found the two button panels each packed in it\’s own bag and with all the nuts, bolts, extra button caps (different colors) and cabling needed.

      The button panels are great looking and very solid. I attached my rims and quick releases and plugged them in (one at a time, of course) and immediately loved them! What a great upgrade from the Fanxxxxx wheels I had before!

      These units have no creaking noises and are extremely solid.

      Communication with Carlos was terrific and I look forward to talking with him again.

      Well done Carlos!

    8. 5 sobre 5


      Je viens de recevoir le panneau .Je tiens à dire que le temps de réaction de simracing coach a été formidable, et le matériel l’est aussi.

      J’ai adapté un volant de 350 et après une modification pour rapprocher les palettes du volant, programmation facile et utilisation top.

      Merci pour ce materiel.

      Je le recommande à tous joueurs de simulation.

    9. 5 sobre 5


      Thought I would leave a review here for the src button plate.

      I have been using this now for over 2 yrs for sim racing and it is been flawless…. Just been looking at another one to build a open wheel now aswell.

      Great product, great quality, especially for the price.

    10. 5 sobre 5


      Lovely quality product. Well made, nice and solid. The magnetic shifters give a nice satisfying gearchange. More buttons that i ever use and each feels nice and solid. I got this with the leather 32″ rim and the combination is perfect for me. (i like using the h shifter with historical cars so a medium large round wheel does the job. I’d have preferred slightly softer leather but i can’t complain at the price level.

      I also got the srm quick release which i’d highly recommend. (i went with a cheapy qr initially and then eventually bought the srm version. My only mistake was not immediately buying all the kit together).

      To sum up, when you have a nice OSW, you can’t really go below a certain price point without sacrificing the quality of the components. As far as i can see, srm’s price point is very competitive and the quality of their products is exactly in line with my simucube.

      Carlos and david’s only problem is i don’t think I will ever need another button plate or qr again. They look and feel that good.

      Thanks guys!

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