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  • Quick Release para usar un aro real (70 mm) o panel de botones y levas con tu OpenSimWheel (Motores Mige 130ST).
  • 100% Compatible con bases VRS DirectForce Pro.
  • Fabricado en aluminio macizo, anodizado negro con marcaje láser.
  • Agujeros roscados, métrica 5. (También disponible versión con agujeros pasantes*)
  • Abrazadera Pro y tornillos avellanados de acero inoxidable de 16mm incluidos (Tornillos cilíndricos negros en la versión con agujeros pasantes).
  • Máxima calidad en materiales y acabados

* Nunca se debe enfrentar dos roscas juntas para evitar holguras. Cualquier duda, contáctanos.

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    86 valoraciones para Quick Release SRC Aluminium Black

    1. 5 sobre 5


      Como siempre, el servicio y la atención excelentes.
      Muy buen asesoramiento.
      En cuanto al QR es el tercero que tengo. Simple, robusto y fácil de usar. Para mi el mejor. Este último ha sido para un volante que no es de SRC y David me aconsejó a la perfección.
      SRC siempre de diez.

    2. 5 sobre 5


      Fantastic service and turnaround time! I had questions about which version to get and the staff were incredibly helpful in helping me understand what to order. Back and forth was quick and shipping was super fast!

    3. 5 sobre 5


      Amazing quick release! Highly recommend it.

      I was looking for a quick release to use with VRS DirectForce Pro wheelbase, after some research and consideration of multiple options, I ended buying a SRC Quick Release. I definitely made a right choice. This QR is convenient and easy to use and also a great value for the paid price. I already own two SRC Quick Release-s, and if get more steering wheels in the future, I would buy more SRC Quick Release-s.

      David was super helpful and answered all my questions. Delivery to Finland took only a few days. Packaging is great. Overwhelmingly positive experience.

    4. 5 sobre 5


      Highly recommended! David was super helpful, and the quick releases are quality products—the easiest and most secure way to swap between wheels on my VRS wheelbase. Thanks SRC

    5. 5 sobre 5


      Absolutely perfect! As all the others have said, everything about this product is perfect! My only complaint is that shipping to the us was a little pricy, but I only say that because I ended up needing another one after my first two, so I ended up buying another two just to make it more worth while. (This is obviously no fault of src, that’s just the way things are these days). Shipping was quick however, David sent out my order the same day, and it took about a week to arrive. Again quality is superb and these are the best, and cheapest way to use any wheel on your new mige motor style dd! Thanks again, can’t wait to do business again with you in the future David!

    6. 5 sobre 5


      This product works incredible with my VRS wheelbase with the slot key in place. No worries about the wheel being loose like without the slot key in use. I can now swap wheels in less than a minute. Wonderful product, can’t recommend enough. Oh and customer service is incredibly helpful and fast to respond. My item was received in the US only days after ordering. Cheers!

    7. 5 sobre 5


      I am all thumbs when it comes to anything ‘DIY’. I regularly have to say »righty tighty lefty loosy». So when I decided to purchase a Direct drive wheel, that wasn’t from Fanatec, it came with some stress, I was not sure what I needed, or in what configuration I needed it. But David made this endeavor as easy as could be. He asked me what wheel I intended to buy, and to send over a link. And he looked on their website, to see if it would work, and what configuration on the QR I needed.

      I promise you, to whoever is all thumbs just like me, this is absolutely effortless, and 100% worth it.

    8. 5 sobre 5


      Excellent product and excellent service. They were very quick to fill and ship my order, and they were very diligent in responding to any email inquiries. Would definitely purchase from them again. Thanks for all the help and customer support Carlos and David.

    9. 5 sobre 5


      Bought on a Saturday afternoon, shipped the same day and delivered in no time. Top quality product and even better customer service. David SRC not only made sure that the QR was compatible with my wheel BEFORE the actual purchase, but also helped me to set it up correctly once it was delivered. You can’t go wrong with these guys.

      Saludos desde Italia

    10. 5 sobre 5


      This is my favorite QR for OSW Mige motors. Very solid and easy to exchange wheels.

      I have 4 of them without any failings during the last 2 years period of heavy usage. Excellent customer experience with Carlos and David too.

      Thanks guys!

    11. 5 sobre 5


      Producto muy robusto y rápido de cambiar, lo recomiendo 100%.

    12. 5 sobre 5


      Adapter + quick release used with a T300 rim for the VRS DFP. Solid product functionality with a premium look and finish. No slip within the quick release thanks to the key slot. The adapter takes a few minutes to fit and once connected is plug and play, instantly recognised by Windows.

      The harness for the USB male to female connection is a nice touch too.

      David and Carlos were very quick to communicate and provided helpful and well presented documentation. Very professional and friendly customer service. Highly recommended.

    13. 5 sobre 5


      A remarkably solid product and it only took 1 week to get to Canada. This is the product that VRS should have made available with their wheelbase. It’s mechanically solid with zero play.

    14. 5 sobre 5


      Great quality product and superb customer service.

    15. 5 sobre 5


      If you have a VRS DFP this is the qr for you. Don’t even bother with the motor hub VRS is selling. This thing is rock solid. No way it can ever slip. Attaches directly to the motor shaft. Absolutely perfect fit. Get one for every wheel you want to attach to your VRS base.

    16. 5 sobre 5


      Muy buen producto, lo uso con OSW Simagic. Tiene pinta de industrial, además con las instrucciones detalladas es muy fácil de montarlo y configurarlo.

    17. 5 sobre 5



      David has been absolutely phenomenal in his customer service from me initially reaching out with questions, through ordering, and when I was not sure exactly how to attach to my wheel, he provided details instructions (with images) above and beyond what I would come to expect these days.

      This is a SERIOUSLY high-quality product! Rock solid and beautifully elegant in its simplicity. Why would anyone use anything else?

    18. 4 sobre 5


      High quality product, but the bolt on the clamp will have to be periodically tightened, especially when new, to prevent the clamp from sliding off the motor shaft during usage

    19. 5 sobre 5


      Fantastic quality. What is most surprising after opening the package is the weight. It is heavy and very well machined. Very fast shipping (I live in France). Thank you, you are super professional.

    20. 5 sobre 5


      Great product, perfectly fitting the VRS DFP, and what a service from the Simracingcoach team!

    21. 5 sobre 5


      A must-have especially if you’re using the VRS DFP. I ordered two of these one for the SRC Rally Wheel and button box and one for an F-Pro. It fits perfectly with no issues! I will definitely be buying more if I get more wheels.

    22. 5 sobre 5


      Buen servicio. Envío rápido. El QR brilla por su calidad de acabados y robustez. Definitivamente es una pieza recomendable. Por poner un «pero» estaría bien que cubriera el eje del MIGE por completo (sin llegar a rozar), ya que la profundidad de la cavidad es de 4.5cm y queda un trozo de eje a la vista. Estaría bien poder acercarlo un poco más a la base.

    23. 5 sobre 5


      Como ya en su día me hicieron la conversión del aro thrustmaster ahora he comprado el QR y como siempre un trato de diez, calidad del QR brutal y encaja a la perfección. Estoy encantado y volveré a comprar más productos vuestros.

    24. 5 sobre 5


      Acquired my second adapter for Thrustmaster with a quick-release a couple of day ago. Did my first laps with them today and they are great! Together with the Acelith GT3 rim add-on for my Thrustmaster RS wheel it makes a perfect combo. Spain and Italy in perfect cooperation 🙂

    25. 5 sobre 5


      Todo perfecto. QR de muy buena calidad, trato recibido excepcional y envío rápido. 100% recomendado.

    26. 5 sobre 5


      Todo perfecto, es la segunda vez que adquiero este QR y muy satisfecho con el producto, por el trato recibido con David y con el rápido envío. Se adapta fenomenalmente bien en mi base VRS sin ningún tipo de holguras, un articulo para toda la vida con una resistencia formidable, para mi próximo aro sin dudarlo volveré ha adquirirlo. Totalmente recomendable por todo.

    27. 5 sobre 5


      Hi, I bought the button box adapter and the SRC Quick Release to use my Thrustmaster P-310 wheel on my VRS DD Pro wheel base. The products arrived on time and in perfect condition. They were quick and easy to install,.

      The QR is top quality and works like a dream and there is absolutely ZERO wobble, the button box adapter came with an extension cable and a neat cord coupler to mount it securely to your desk or sim rig and ensure there is no accidental disconnects..

      Thanks again David and Carlos for providing us with this awesome alternative to adding our wheel rims to the junk pile!
      I’d give more than 5 stars if I could!

    28. 5 sobre 5


      Incredible product. The materials and tolerances are very top notch, and the communication with the team has been excellent. I’ll now be using this QR solution on all of my wheels.

    29. 5 sobre 5


      Very quick, personal and kind response by the SRC team. The quick release is high quality and works perfectly! I recommend this.

    30. 5 sobre 5


      Ordered on a Sunday and they responded the same day, shipped on a Monday to the USA with a fast delivery. David did an great job with customer service and updating it’s progress. Works excellent with the VRS motor and keyed shaft.

    31. 5 sobre 5


      Worked great with my VRS DFP base and Cube Controls wheel. Very satisfied. Delivery to Canada was fast.

    32. 5 sobre 5


      I ordered this QR a few days ago because my old QR was a no go anymore, i have the older version SRC button box with D shape motamec steering wheel, so it was a no brainer to go on the SRC website and order the QR very happy with it, easy to instal all the hardware included, very nice people as well definitely gonna buy here in the near future again.

      Kind Regards

    33. 5 sobre 5


      Very smart quick release. many many options for mounting. looks really great too!

    34. 5 sobre 5


      I ordered the SRC quick release to use with a T300 rim and the VRS Direct Force Pro. The quick release is very well-made and there is zero flex with this solution. I have experience with other mounting solutions and this one is the most solid I’ve used so far. Highly recommended.

    35. 5 sobre 5


      Perfect quality, perfect support, this is how everyone is happy !! Unbelievable, but true! Great job, thanks a lot!

    36. 5 sobre 5


      Poco tiempo de envío, gran calidad y 0 holguras con respecto al eje de la base VRS.

    37. 5 sobre 5


      Compré un Quick Release y tardó muy poco en llegar, desde la compra hasta la entrega se demoró menos de 2 semanas, muy rápido todo.
      Quienes atienden son super rápidos en su atención y tienen buena disposición para ayudar a quienes pueden ser novatos en este tema, todo muy claro.

      El producto es de excelente calidad, se nota que es algo de buena construcción y estoy muy contento.
      Lo pude instalar sin problemas en mi VRS BASE y queda muy bien, firme y apretado, no trae ningun juego entre la base y el QR, todo impecable, lo recomiendo totalemente, excelente experiencia.

      Y también hacen el envio a SudAmetica Chile, lo cual es maravilloso para nosotros!


    38. 5 sobre 5


      First package got lost in the process by a fault of UPS. David and Carlos gave perfect customer support and send me a new package since UPS couldn’t find the first package. Second package was here within 2 days. The QR is really nice. Very sturdy has zero flex and does the job were it’s made for in a perfect manner. Absolutely recommend this product. Thanks again David for the friendly and quick support.

    39. 5 sobre 5


      Yawn….another 5 star review. Great product, great friendly customer service, quick shipping, good packaging. You’ve heard it all before. Just buy one (or two in my case!)

    40. 5 sobre 5


      Absolutamente encantado con el producto, rebosa calidad por todos sus lados, debo destacar la atención recibida, he quedado encantado con el producto y con el trato, sin duda muy recomendable.

    41. 5 sobre 5


      The quick release is something I should’ve bought immediately when I ordered the sport wheel a few weeks ago! Makes life so much easier switching between different wheel setups. Super decent build.

    42. 5 sobre 5


      I can only reiterate what so many have said already – these guys are awesome on customer service. It came so fast the base I ordered days before will only be here tomorrow. Quality product and cannot wait to try it out soon – thanks again guys!

    43. 5 sobre 5


      Just received 5 of these QR’s today and I must say it’s a great product, has a cool but simple design and it’s as sturdy as it can be. Zero flex. Oh and the shipping is really fast from Spain to the Netherlands in Just 2 days. Great service and great product. Keep up the good work guys!

    44. 5 sobre 5


      SRC quick release is an elegant simple solution. It is well made with top notch powder coat. It is a great on piece solution. What I like best is it allows the use of the spindle key on my VRS, so there is no chance of slippage. And it is extremely easy to use.

      Dave and Carlos were very helpful in getting the product shipped to me. They are great people and SRC is an amazing company.

    45. 5 sobre 5


      waiting for my VRS DD base now!
      But Oo god this looks verry good!
      Fast shipping and great service!

      thanks for it guys! and keep up the good work!

    46. 5 sobre 5


      I also got the QR today.
      Very good product, perfect quality, well machined, very solid.
      And last but not least excellent service and fast shipping.
      David is the best!

    47. 5 sobre 5


      Great product and really nice people in SRC! Would recommend those guys to evryone!

    48. 5 sobre 5


      Got two of these. They’re really well built, great design, and a solid alternative to the default hub for my VRS DFP. Quick and reasonably priced shipping to the USA too. Thanks!

    49. 5 sobre 5


      Great friendly service, the QR is awesome. I’m one happy sim racer.

    50. 5 sobre 5


      Would recommend 10/10 amazing service and product!

    51. 5 sobre 5


      Great service, great product, super quick delivery… I cannot recommend enough.

      Thank you.

    52. 5 sobre 5


      Just bought my second qr,first is going fine,just wanted a second wheel. iMO an excellent value very solid mount.if you see my first review,I went through my previous experiences. Well worth it,quick friendly service. a pleasure to do business with SRC.

    53. 5 sobre 5


      This product follows the engineering K.I.S.S. motto to a tee. A very simple design executed perfectly. They even use the same seat post clamp I have on my mountain bike. I bought three of them for my various wheels all of which work great. I really like the one-piece design as opposed to other 2-piece designs. Makes for a more solid attachment. I use 3d printed adapters for the non-70mm bolt patterns. I even 3d printed a key for my VRS direct drive wheel, which did not come with a key.

    54. 5 sobre 5


      Very well machined quick release that fits perfectly and works great. I am very happy with this quick release and I am sure I will be ordering more of them in the future. The price is very reasonable, the customer service was perfect and it shipped to me extremely fast. Thanks to SRC and especially David for his swift answers to my e-mails.

    55. 5 sobre 5


      Sent instantly, delivered quickly. Quality is amazing, it’s stiff, it has xero play ;), it’s genius in it’s simplicity and cheaper than «wheel side» qr from other companies. It can also work as a hub adapter. Great pruduct, no brainer for this price.

    56. 5 sobre 5


      High quality, solid, and easy to use Quick Release. These guys were great. They communicated everything with me and shipped it really fast. I got it in NY in 4 days. I just ordered another one.

    57. 5 sobre 5


      Really solid and well made product. Easy tutorial to install it and it works really well a good way to use Theustmaster wheels on DD. Most important thing to mention though is the extreme courtesy of Carlos, David and team . Amazing guys well done

    58. 5 sobre 5


      He comprado una segunda unidad para dos volantes intercambiables y he de decir que el agarre es de los más sencillos que he visto. El sistema se ajusta perfectamente y no se suelta ni tirando con fuerza una vez apretado. Y a ello se suma que la calidad del acabado es magnífica.

      La comunicación con el vendedor ha sido muy fluida y correcta. Los pequeños problemas de envío que han aparecido debido al COVID, ajenos al fabricante, se han solucionado de una forma rápida y satisfactoria, por lo que sólo debo recomendar al 100% el producto.

      Un 10.

    59. 5 sobre 5


      Awesome product, very reliable and top design.
      Superb communication and excellent service from Carlos and David.
      Thanks guys!

    60. 5 sobre 5


      El mejor QR para este tipo de servomotores, cuando cierras la tija no solo no se menea ni pagando sino que sabes que no se va a soltar hasta que tu quieras, además añadele a que tiene un acabado increible, nadie que lo vea en persona quedará indiferente.

      Le meilleur QR pour ce modèle de servomoteur, une fois fermé ce n\’est pas seulement qu\’il ne bouge pas c\’est aussi la tanquillité qui te donne de qu\’il ne s\’ouvrira sauf quand tu veux. En plus est très jolie avec une finition incroyable, personne qui le voit sera indifférent.

      Todo un acierto invertir en este tipo de material.

    61. 5 sobre 5


      Great product from a great group of guys!

      The SRC quick release is a very nice unit, very high quality and very good price. The best thing about these are that you only need on per wheel! You don\’t have to worry about having a wheel side and base side.

      The customer service as also excellent. Quick and clear communication with David and Carlos. Great product and great customer experience!

    62. 5 sobre 5


      The communication was excellent from start to finish and kept me very well informed. The product itself is amazing. So simple and so effective. I really don\’t understand why competitors have to make it so complexed ?

      Highly recommended

    63. 5 sobre 5


      Rapido y excelente servicio personalizado!
      100% recomendable

    64. 5 sobre 5


      I compared a lot of QR systems and decided to go for SRC. I have zero regrets and I’m super happy with my decision.
      The quick-release is solid and a perfect fit on the shaft of the motor.

      Just like with my previous order (TM to USB adapter), communication and service were very good!
      Thanks again!

    65. 5 sobre 5


      Problems with couriers during COVID were sorted by David sending a second set with no fuss at all. Good quality product will buy again when I get another wheel 👍🏻

    66. 5 sobre 5


      Excellent product design. Excellent product quality. Excellent customer service!

    67. 5 sobre 5


      What to say … Five stars definitely !!

      -David López answers were very quick and pro.

      -Delivered so fast.

      -And about quality product, just perfect.

      I recommend.

    68. 5 sobre 5


      Ordered a QR-SRC last week. It quickly arrived as promised, liked it so much I bought a second on today for my other wheel. Superior workmanship!

    69. 5 sobre 5


      perfect i buy 2 , i receive it very fast , thanks 😉

    70. 5 sobre 5


      fast, responsive, efficient regarding order taking and quality element

    71. 5 sobre 5


      Great quality product, rock solid QR for Mige 130 motors. It really made mounting rims as simple as possible.

      I have to say the service matches the product.

      Great response to questions and shipping as fast they did to Canada while the pandemic is happening really was going beyond.

      Thank you!

    72. 5 sobre 5


      Very good quality product. Quick efficient service.
      I started with a cheap 20euro quick release that i got on ebay. The problem was that just a small amount of play made a lot of noise. Rfactor2 and rally games became virtually unplayable with my kids sleeping because of the \’tictac\’ noise that certain types of ffb caused. I looked at the various quality products on the market but 200 euros, just for a quick release seemed excessive. I took a chance on this and would highly recommend it. It is simple. Other products have various parts that attach to the steering wheel and to the motor shaft. That means more distance between you and the motor shaft and more parts that could, in the longterm, develop some play. Src\’s solution is elegant and effective with just one part. Well done.

    73. 5 sobre 5


      High quality QR. Sturdy, beautifully made, cheap, easy to use and zero play with my OSW. Perfect communication and very fast delivery are a nice addition.

    74. 5 sobre 5


      Excellent service. Thank you

    75. 5 sobre 5


      super produit et communication parfaite avec david et carlos .

    76. 5 sobre 5


      Very simply and sturdy quick-release! After bought one with the SRC Cup wheel, but after buying other steering wheels I immediately bought 2 extra of these.

      Also, when facing the issue of having different depths of steering wheels (due to paddle-shift control box wheel vs simple steering wheel), David even suggested to provide a custom made spacer, that works perfectly!

      Great product and great service, highly recommend it.

    77. 5 sobre 5


      The Quality is Perfect complete Aluminum!!!
      pass accuracy Awesome.

      From Spain too Germany in 3 Days maybe Luck but dosen´t matters
      this Shop a Great!!!

    78. 5 sobre 5


      Como todo lo que he comprado en simracingcoach ha llegado perfecto. Panel de botones y levas con aro de piel vuelta incluido, dos quick release, open sim wheel, es todo lo que he comprado en esta página. son de confianza. un saludo.

    79. 5 sobre 5


      I tried lot of QR system but this one is a must.

      It\’s really a good QR, simple, effective and the price is really very competitive. Very good job!

    80. 5 sobre 5


      El mejor producto calidad precio que puedas encontrar, super fácil de instalar, muy robusto y tremendamente bonito. Es el QR ideal para tu OSW.
      Envío rápido y trato magnífico, ¿que más puedes pedir?

    81. 5 sobre 5


      Very high quality QR system. The build is great. It\’s looking great. And it works just great. What can you ask more? A super fast delivery?… You get that too !
      Thanks guys !!

    82. 5 sobre 5


      Very good product and support. Good quality and price. Delivery fast and traceable.
      For best use be sure to have the keylog of the motor.
      If you register some small play of the wheel add some duct tape to the shaft near the body of the motor.

    83. 5 sobre 5


      Very high quality quick release and great communication from SimRacingCoach. Shipping was super quick!

    84. 5 sobre 5


      High Quality product. Very good communication with SRC team.

    85. 5 sobre 5


      High Quality product,
      My Second purchase from the guys at SimRacingCoach and once again they have delivered a product that you can trust in..
      Thanks Carlos and David… stop making me spend more money. lol. I look forward to seeing more products from you guys…

    86. 5 sobre 5


      Producto de muy alta calidad, nada que ver con los de impresión en 3D. Sensación de robustez y, aparentemente, larga durabilidad. El complemento perfecto e ideal a cualquier OSW que se precie.

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