Steering Wheel SRC GT-1

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  • High quality 7-way joystick, with aluminium knob. (Rotary encoder with push button + 4 axis)
  • CNC milled solid aluminum magnetic paddle shifters with beveled carbon fiber paddles.
    Exactly the same paddle shifters mounted by Silver-Car on their Silver CS racing vehicle.
  • Integrated Extended Mode ™ (36 inputs, no extra software required)
  • Our steering wheels are designed and manufactured in order to achieve maximum robustness and durability. Circuit tested.
  • Highest quality in components. Panel of fiber carbon with coiled USB cable, 8 push buttons with aluminium guards, 1 rotary encoder with push button of Leo Bodnar (CTS288V).
  • Internal electronic connections with custom PCB design. In-house developed firmware designed to avoid EMI’s.
  • Width-adjustable shifters and depth-adjustable paddles.
  • Compatible with rims from 300 mm to 350 mm (70mm bolt pattern wheel).
  • Ready to plug.
  • 3-year international warranty.
  • VRS DirectForce Pro using their optional hub or with our Quick Release SRC.
  • Simucube 2 using their Quick Release.
  • Fanatec using the Podium Hub.
  • Moza, Simagic, Cammus and AccuForce using their respective official quick releases: Moza, Simagic, Cammus, AccuForce, or “D1 Spec” compatible QR’s like: B-G, D1 Spec, etc..
  • Thrustmaster bases that have a steering wheel swapping system, using this Adapter.
  • OSW (Open Sim Wheel), Simucube 1 or any Direct Drive using the Mige 130ST motor, with our Quick Release SRC.
  • Leo Bodnar SimSteering, Ricmotech Mini-Mite, etc…
  • For other systems or in case of any doubt, consult us.
  • Suede GT1 rim of 32 cm, “D Shape”. Also available in leather.
  • Extended USB cable.
  • 4 x M3 screws to modify the depth of paddles.
  • 6 x M5x60mm. 6 x M5x50mm. 6 x M5 washers. 6 x M5 nuts.
  • Transportation bag.

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    36 reviews for Steering Wheel SRC GT-1

    1. 5 out of 5


      So i have only had the wheel for a couple of months, but the wheel is absolutely fantastic. The shape and size is perfect and the build quality is perfect so far as well. Every bit of the wheel feels high quality and i expect it to last many years to come. Every button click is tactile and satisfying. The rotary’s are the right combination of resistance for rotating steps, and ease of use.

      To compliment the service as well. I’ve emailed Carlos a couple of times for questions unrelated to the wheel and he has been quick to reply and is always extremely pleasant to chat with. He’s absolutely invited to the family BBQ. I recommend SRC to all my friends and to anyone who’s looking for a wheel. You really cannot find a better product or service anywhere else, especially for the price.

      Shipping from Spain to Canada was barely 3-4 days and inexpensive. I couldn’t believe it. Every bit of me can recommend SRC to anyone with 100% confidence.

    2. 5 out of 5



      Excellent product. Excellent service.

      I purchased my SRC GT1 in 2016 and it has worked brilliantly throughout. It is my only wheel, buttons & paddles, used with my 20nm direct drive wheel, and works as well today as the day I received it.

      On the very few occasions I have needed support, Carlos has been amazing. For example, recently I messaged him in the evening because the buttons had stopped working, the first time this had happened. He replied immediately with the answer (a conflict with software I’d not used before) and I was back racing in no time. Not bad service for a product over 5 years’ old!

    3. 5 out of 5


      Great wheel, feels very solid to use and user friendly button layout. I drive with VR and buttons are easy to locate and use.
      Customer service is EXCELLENT, very quickly helped me with questions, support and spare parts. So I highly recommend this wheel.

    4. 5 out of 5


      Just amazing.

      I was a bit hesitant to buy a wheel at this price point. Usually cheap stuff comes out expensive. Not the case at all.
      This wheel is functional, reliable and incredibly well done.
      The feeling from pressing each button is very satisfying, the rotaries are the best ones I’ve tried so far, shifters feel incredibly good and give a lot of confidence.
      It is the right weight and the right size.
      The GT-1 rim is very comfortable and adapts perfectly to my hands, done a couple endurance races on it and it just feels awesome.

      It really gives me the feeling that I am driving a real car and if in the future I need a steering wheel for my project car I’ll get one of these.

      The SRC QR system is also one of the best and most simple I’ve used and I am just gonna use it for all my wheels from now on.

      On top of an amazing product the absolute best thing of the purchase is within the customer service. I’ve exchanged multiple emails with Carlos and he’s helped me decide on the best wheel to fit my needs, helped me with additional stuff regarding setting my DD up and even gave some advice on some features I was having trouble with like suppressing the paddles sound (Neighbours not fans of my night time stints).

      No doubt one of my best simracing purchases so far.

    5. 5 out of 5


      Un volante de 10!
      vengo de un TSPC por lo que buscaba algo similar (alcántara y de 32cm de diámetro en forma de D) pero no me esperaba semejante salto de calidad. Ya
      estaba muy contento con el del TSPC, pero esto es otra liga. El tacto del aro es brutal y se siente muy sólido.

      Y respecto al panel… otro 10! El tacto de los botones es buenísimo y el de las levas es… increíble! Además plug and play, no he tenido que configurar nada, y junto con el QR lo he acoplado a mi VRS y a correr. No puedo estar más contento con la compra.

      Además, el trato de los responsables de la tienda es inmejorable. Así da gusto!

    6. 5 out of 5


      Great wheel/button box combo, FANTASTIC customer service.

      The build quality and tactile feedback of the button box is great. It’s the best value button box on the market that I could find, but that doesn’t mean the product is cheaply made. It’s withstood six months of consistent use so far and I’m still just as happy with it as the day I received it. Installation was easy and all the hardware I needed was supplied. The magnetic shifters are loud but very robust and consistent. The two rotary dials included have decent feedback, in VR I can tell when the rotary dial spins to the next selection. You can also depress the rotary dials and use them as another button which is very helpful.

      Shipping of the wheel from Spain to USA was lightning quick and communication was fantastic. After several months, the coiled usb cable got damaged by an exposed corner of aluminum on my rig (my fault) and I contacted Carlos about how I could go about purchasing a replacement. He sent me a new one at no charge within 24 hours. I can’t thank you enough! He provides a great button box but also cares a lot about his customers.

    7. 5 out of 5


      Trato de 10 , envio rapidisimo . calidad por todos lados a precio mas que ajustado . llevo una semana desde que lo utilizo con el direct drive de vrs y estoy encantado .

    8. 5 out of 5


      Received this wheel and instantly was blown away by the solid feel and build. For a wheel priced so well the build quality is genuinely mind blowing.
      The wheel feels solid in the hands, the shifters feel crisp and tactile, and the buttons and encoders are all very high quality.

      To add on to the impressive wheel, the service and communication has been absolutely brilliant.

      Genuinely impressed with the wheel and I am so glad I decided to go with SRC, genuinely surprised considering the price. Hugely recommended!

    9. 5 out of 5


      I\’ve been using the GT1 for about 3 months now. I wanted to wait a while before writing a review. First off, the quality really surprised me, as this was the most competitively priced button box/wheel combo that i could find out there. It is absolutely solid and feels great in your hands. The buttons and rotaries on the button box are clearly of high quality and the paddle shifters are absolutely unreal! Also i would like to note that the adjustability on the position of the paddle shifters shows how much thought has gone into this product. I personally found that the standard position of the shifters was a little awkward as i felt i had to reach around the paddle to shift, so i moved it to the most \’inward\’ position, closest to the button box and it feels incredible. So this maybe something you want to consider before mounting the wheel to your DD hub?

      I would also like to note that Carlos was really helpful during the whole process. During the transaction there was an issue with PayPal due to the exchange as i\’m from the UK and it defaults to USD. Make sure you change this to Euros as this slowed my purchase down due to the PayPal refund policy. During this time Carlos remained in constant contact with me, reassuring me that my unit was at the top of his list and ready to ship as soon as PayPal sorted the refund out. This was a really personal touch and i can\’t thank Carlos enough. I would highly recommend The Sim Racing Coach for any of your Sim Racing gear.

      Thank you, Carlos. A great product and great service.

    10. 5 out of 5


      Gracias Carlos una vez más, por tu predisposición y atención en la reparación del pulsador del panel y en especial la deferencia que has tenido conmigo. Los cubrebotones, todo un acierto para evitar roturas de forma accidental. Las levas, exquisito tacto y precisión.
      Como tu rapidez en resolverlo.

    11. 5 out of 5


      All I can say are great things about the quality of the rim as well as the customer service and knowledge of Carlos and the guys at Sim Racing Coach. The new magnetic paddle shifters are even better than they look and have a very satisfying feel. All other buttons and dial nobs are even better than I originally thought and what pictures appeared as. Good solid feel with each push with no extra movement. Couldn\’t be happier with the entire process and product.

    12. 5 out of 5


      Très content de ce matériel rien à dire rapport qualité prix remarquable et Carlos est très pro ! expédition rapide , bravo et merci.

    13. 5 out of 5


      Super recomendado.

      Muito profissionais, desde o 1º contacto que são super rápidos a responder e tudo o que dizem confere com o produto final.
      Sobre o volante é fabuloso, bela contrução e tudo de exelente qualidade.

      Recomendo a 100%

    14. 5 out of 5


      Merci à Carlos pour sa réactivité.
      Tout a été fait dans la journée suite plusieurs échanges de mails.
      Réception dans les 3 jours.
      Hub bien fini, de belle qualité. Aucun conflit avec Windows 10 ou Simuhub.
      Tout est opérationnel pour un \”petit\” prix
      Très Content de mon achat.

      Je recommande.

    15. 5 out of 5


      Works great, looks good, feels good!

      Bought it 2 months ago, and i really like it. No issues, buttons work well, shifters are good. 3D printed parts have a good quality, same goes for the overall wheel.

    16. 5 out of 5


      I bought a SRC GT1 and an Augury 18 Nm, I\’m still looking for my best setting but from the first moment the feeling is amazing!
      The assembly quality is very high on both side, the steering wheel is beautiful and for me just the sound of the shifter it worth the whole price, when you put the wheel together with the button box it feels like a real GT steering wheel; the motor and the power box are very nice and well done and the illuminated Augury logo is that \”something more\” that I was looking for.
      I come from a T500rs so it\’s been a huge jump forward, I can\’t compare between them because they\’re too much different, I\’ll have to learn to drive again because I\’m feeling so much details that I was loosing before…
      Assetto corsa became much more interesting now but the real plus is o Rfactor2 with the VR you are driving a real car that\’s all.


    17. 4 out of 5


      Ola bonjour hello

      I bought the SRC GT1 wheel for my OSW and it got delivered yesterday.

      8 hours practice and im impressed, great feel to it, good weight very compact … the magnetic shifters are really well done, short travel with a nice click. The buttons are nice to press although with the direct drive you can slightly hear the buttons when youre wheel rumbles but it isnt loud nor does it effect your driving in any way, i would have liked the rotary switches to be a tad more resistant.

      Overall i highly rate this SRC product .. SRC engraving on top of the button plate was a nice touch aswell

      Big thanks to carlos! Gentleman whos very quick to reply .. gracias sir

    18. 5 out of 5


      Commande passée le lundi matin, matériel réceptionné le jeudi : une livraison très rapide. Carlos nous fournis également un numéro de suivis, parfais !
      Le volant semble très robuste et pret à encaisser les coups de mon Mige 30nm 🙂 La finition est top rien à redire.
      Une petite suggestion quand même, une petite plaquette de sticker serait appréciable en option pour celui qui voudrais repérer ces boutons.

      J\’ai eu l\’occasion de tester le SAV car un soucis de conflit de programme était présent sur mon pc. Le sav est juste top Carlos nous réponds dans l\’heure même le DIMANCHE, bravo !


      Traduction by Google :

      Order placed on Monday morning, material received on Thursday: a very fast delivery. Carlos also provides us with a number of follow-ups, perfect!
      The steering wheel seems very robust and ready to cash the shots of my Mige 30nm 🙂 The finish is top nothing to say.
      A little suggestion anyway, a small sticker plate would be an option for those who would like to locate these buttons.

      I had the opportunity to test the after sales service because a problem of program conflict was present on my pc. The sav is just top carlos we answer the same time on SUNDAY, bravo!

    19. 5 out of 5


      I buy it many month ago and stil like it very nice finish 🙂

    20. 5 out of 5



      Attention, chef d\’oeuvre. c\’est pratiquement un sans-faute de la part de Simracingcoach qui prouve ici que sa réputation n\’est pas usurpée. Superbe hub très propre et personnalisable selon vos envies ainsi que le volant qui est vraiment très beau, bien fini, bon grip avec des gants, ergonomie idéal qui répond bien aux attentes et me réconcilie avec le simracing. Je recommande vraiment.

      Merci Carlos pour la réactivité de nos contacts, la qualité du produit et la rapidité de traitement de la commande.

    21. 5 out of 5


      Serviço espectacular!! Volante com uma qualidade soberba!!! Recomendo vivamente!!

    22. 5 out of 5


      First I have to say, this wasn\’t my first time to deal with Carlos, like in the past, his customer service is excellent.

      I had problems tracking my package, I contacted Carlos and he solved my problem immediately.

      Buttonbox & paddle shifters is superior quality.

      Only thing what i\’m not comfortable is usb-cable from wheel (stucks sometimes to paddle shifters if you rotate wheel too much), my last wheel was AF and there wasn\’t any cables, so it could be that I haven\’t got used to idea yet.

      Thank you Carlos again ! 🙂

    23. 4 out of 5


      This wheel is really beautiful ! For the price I highly recomanded !

      Carlos is very nice and really reactiv for email response.

      I\’m really happy of SimracingCoach and I\’m going to order the Augury Kit here as soon as possible.

    24. 4 out of 5


      After my OSW was ordered i needed a new wheel aswell. Playing a sim is almost impossible these days without a buttonbox. So my search began.

      I\’m a VR user so i wasnt looking for a rather expensive wheel, cause you wont be able to see it anyways. A buttonbox and great rim were a must have.

      I ended up here and immediatly ordered this Rim after a few words with Carlos.
      Good guy and fast response through email.

      The quality is excelent, the shifters are superb the buttons could be better but they are fine.
      The momo rim feels great and had a lot of grip.

      I came from a thrustmaster wheel and knew where the buttons were. I have to learn it again with this wheel but all the buttons are in a good position so that wont take long.

      All in all great wheel and buttonbox for its pricing.
      Very sturdy and great craftmanship.

      Happy with it and can recommend it to anyone!

      Will give it a 4 star rating, worth 5 stars with better buttons.

    25. 5 out of 5


      Fantastic wheel. The craftsmanship is top notch. I\’ll be getting all my wheels from SRC.

      Big thank you!

    26. 5 out of 5


      Sobre el volante GT-1 solamente decir que es espectacular, cuando lo tuve en la mano no lo quería soltar jeje. Estoy ansioso por probar esta maravilla. pero aun tengo que esperar. Gracias

    27. 5 out of 5


      Solid product and excellent service, Carlos was ready to help with any doubts I had. I can only recommend his services.

      The wheel is great to hold in your hands, it has a very solid feel. The sequential shifters have a very nice feel, the magnetic mechanism makes a big difference compared to other commercial wheels, which have always felt toy-like to me.

      The buttons can be configured according to your taste and they allow for a wide range of options.

    28. 5 out of 5


      Lo primero para destacar es la atención y seriedad de Carlos asesorando en cada momento para que uno pueda tomar la decisión correcta. Lo segundo es la información contactando conmigo durante el proceso de compra y envio.
      El volante vale cada euro y mas, los materiales empleados son de grandísima calidad, es robusto y de un tacto exquisito. Como ha dicho un compañero, hay que apoyar el producto nacional y emprendimientos como el de Carlos que tanto esta haciendo por el Simracing.

    29. 5 out of 5


      Coincido con la mayoría de las valoraciones a falta de poder probarlo, en mi OSW. La realidad mejora en este caso a cualquier imagen. Se ve al momento la calidad de los materiales y los acabados. Perfecto el diámetro del volante y el espesor, para una gran sensación de agarre.
      Es un gran producto y un gran trabajo Carlos, al igual que la atención, al mismo nivel. Felicidades.

    30. 5 out of 5


      I have used this wheel for a week now, and I just love it! The quality is amazing, and the weight and feel is superb!

      The fast connection for the OSW is firm and easy to use.

      Certanly worth every penny 🙂

      Thank you 🙂

    31. 5 out of 5


      Très bon produit, la qualité est au rendez vous autant au niveau de la roue que des boutons et des palettes. Monté sur un osw avec le QR en impression 3d acheté au meme endroit c est parfait.
      Je recommande ce produit.

    32. 5 out of 5


      Sensación visual y al tacto 100% profesional. Muy robusto, no se mueve un ápice en un OSW, yo lo cogí con el QR que fabrican ellos y perfecto. Acabados muy muy buenos con materiales de gran calidad. Los botones y los dos rotarys, para mi gusto muy bien posicionados. El mío viene con un aro OMP de 33cm de piel, el cual ahora mismo uso sin guantes y tiene muy buen agarre.

      Vengo de un T300rs del cual estaba muy contento, y llevo un par de semanas utilizando el GT-1 con las levas magnéticas. Por curiosidad volví a pulsar las levas del T300rs ya que los recuerdos que tenía eran buenos y me quedé alucinado… es como el día y la noche.

      Y la atención tanto de Carlos como de David, de lujo, están ahí siempre para lo que se necesite. Así da gusto.

    33. 5 out of 5


      A primera vista me parece una pasada.
      Grandes acabados, muy realista, robusto.
      Las levas dan una sensacion impresionante.
      No he podido aun probarlo debido a que no me ha llegado el kit augury.

    34. 5 out of 5


      Bueno que decir del mi gt-1 perfectos acabados embalaje de cine para que no sufra ni un mínimo rasguño ahora solo queda probarlo en mi osw .
      También aprovecho para dar las gracias a Carlos por su atención y en especial por su paciencia aunque me queda por llegar el chasis que también me surgirán dudas para preguntarle jjaja en serio recomendable 100% GRACIAS CARLOS

    35. 5 out of 5


      Acabado PRO, tacto increíble… sensación de ir al volante de verdad (tengo un OSW)… Me parece un magnífico aro y botonera que ha funcionado con configuración 0: conectar el USB y listo (configurar en iRacing y AC… aún no lo he usado en AMS o rFactor2). Todo perfecto, aso si, hay que conducirlo con guantes (porque es algo más grueso que e de Fanatec y el agarre es más robusto…
      Me ha gustado más de lo que esperaba y si te cansas del aro, no hay más que poner otro. El mío es algo diferente al de la foto que aparece y es más \”bonito\” porque tiene los botones en tres colores (3 + 3 arriba) y dos rotary encoders (+ 2 botones abajo), que además de ser muy útiles (yo los suelo usar, generalmente para cambiar la distribución de frenada) le dan un aspecto genial.

      A mi no me ha parecido caro, pero ya sé que esto es una cuestión muy personal.

      Un saludo,

    36. 5 out of 5


      Acabados de 10, tacto de los botones y de las levas brutal, cables de callidad… Los rotarys de Leo Bodnar espectaculares. Al tacto no lo se, pues nunca he tenido uno en mis manos, pero visualmente, nada que envidiar a otras empresas con precios bastante más caros. Y seguimos apoyando el producto nacional.

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